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2014-06-16-05-18This webpage is a guide to my online work:

Fine Art at Brighton – MA onwards (my art from 2016): https://raphaeldelamer.wordpress.com/

Instagram (2018 on): https://www.instagram.com/raphaeldelamer/

Soundcloud (2018 on): https://soundcloud.com/user-431393664/sets/working-title-stop-the-machine

My Art Blog 2012 – Nov 2016: http://russellsart.blogspot.co.uk/

Sussex Artbeat, a review of art on show in Sussex 2012 on: http://sussexartbeat.com

Greenman Bodycare, handmade bodycare products 2010 – present: http://greenmanbodycare.com/

Life’s a Journal: cycling, eco-politics to 2009-2012 http://russellhoneyman.blogspot.co.uk/

Hiking in Peru (2006) http://rusty-world.blogspot.com/

Art by uncle Gus (Jack) Kaltenbrun 2009: http://shamanicjack.blogspot.com/

Africa Film and TV archives: (1986-2005): https://africafilmandtvarchive.wordpress.com

About Me

2016: My focus is on Art: I enrolled at Brighton University to take a Master’s degree in fine art in September. I’m supporting myself by working for the YMCA DLG as a support worker, working with 16-15 year old young people in residential care. I also share care for my daughter, which is really the main work, but in order to do that properly, I need to ‘realise my soul’, as Joe Strummer put it. Hence the Art. It is a hard path in some ways, but there are moments of bliss, when I know this is really what I must do. I had such a moment last night, when I felt everything was right, and all the struggle and confusion that went before was necessary to bring me to this point – any sooner and I would not have noticed the sublime moment. In that moment I could honestly thank my parents. Thanks, Iain and Lesley.